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Posted on May 29, 2014 in News

Pattaya & Martial Law

Pattaya & Martial Law

So there is no hiding the fact that Thailand is under martial law and the army has imposed a curfew. Is it all doom and gloom for the 24 million visitors that come here each year ?

As an ex pat , living here in Pattaya for the last 6 years, with a young family, I see no changes to my lifestyle. The Pattaya golf courses  are still open each day, the markets where I buy my lunch and dinner are still trading, traffic on the highways is still about the same and all the tourist attractions are still open.

So what’s all the fuss about in the media and why is it on the front pages of every national newspaper everywhere ??


I believe now is the safest time to visit Thailand, the fact that the army has stepped in to control the fighting between the two political parties and is bringing them to the discussion table, is a positive thing. Thailand is in the middle of some ground breaking changes, as I see it, and it will take many steps more to bring Thailand to a more transparent, democratic society, but you need to make a start somewhere and over the last few coups, changes are being made.

The curfew that is currently in effect from 12 midnight to 4 am only really affects the party goers. I would imagine most tourists are in bed in their hotel by midnight and certainly aren’t awake by 4am, so the curfew poses no problems to their activities. The army is aware that tourism is the major source of revenue for the country and is mindful of this with their actions.

For 98% of Thais and 99% of tourists, its business as usual and everyone is going about their own business blissfully unaware that there is a change in the wind.

My advice is if you were intending to visit Thailand in the near future, still travel, certainly keep away from any protests that the locals are participating in and enjoy your time here, Pattaya is open for business as usual !