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Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Golf Courses

Where should I play golf in Pattaya

Where should I play golf in Pattaya

My friends ask me all the time which courses they should play when they come to Pattaya, and it always gets me stuck !!

The reason is that they are flying 9 hours so I’m sure they want to play the best courses in Pattaya that are available, I don’t want them to fly 9 hours to play public golf courses !

Always on my hot list to play are the 3 Siam Courses, (Old, Plantation and the new Waterside) Laem Chabang, St Andrews 2000 and Burapha. But from here where do you head ? one of my personal favourites is Wangjuntr and whiles it’s a good hours rive from Pattaya, its worth the drive (see upcoming article about this top course)

The three Siam courses are in championship condition every day you show up and I’m sure if the PGA rang up Khun Chai (MD) and told him tomorrow there was going to be a tournament, he would be ready for them, and he would probably ask what tee time they wanted !! its just an amazing feat to have 3 golf courses in championship condition all year round.

Plantation par 5 Plantation #Pineapple 7

Laem Chabang is in good condition all year round and is different to the Siam courses, as it has good elevation changes and is very scenic due to all the gardens that surround the fairways and green. Burapha is relatively flat with wide fairways but the greens are quite fast and most players enjoy playing here as its not a penal for losing golf balls like the top 4 courses.

1st Hole Laem Chabang Mountain Course

1st Tee Mountain Course, Laem Chabang

St Andrews 2000 is a little quirky, it has 2 par 6s, has big elevation changes, moguls, and raised fairways, so its certainly a course that needs to be played at least once while you are here.

st andrews par 6 st andrews raised fairways